About Us

“Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense.”

― Adyashanti

Prabhodita (प्रभोदित, adj. enlightened) came into existence in 2014.  Prabhodita is a collaboration between Sudhanshu Mehta and Vibha Amrut, two individuals who began their partnership on the foundations of a common goal. They bring together vast experience and diverse skills in photography and creative services.

     Sudhanshu brings a fine art touch to commercial photography projects, turning them into timeless representations of a brand. Sudhanshu began his journey as a freelance photographer. He has conducted photography workshops for Canon at the Canon Pro Center, Bangalore, and taught photography at a professional level. He was the only Indian to be nominated for the highly acclaimed 10th Black & White Spider awards (2015), under the Professional category in the Architectural genre. He was the second Indian in the world to achieve this honor, in the 11th Black & White Spider awards (2016), in the same genre, from among 7,556 entries.

    Vibha is the force behind the creative direction, coordination and outcomes of photo shoots. She also oversees corporate communications and photography workshops. Her repertoire includes multiple forms of creative design including advertisements.

Prabhodita is the sister concern of Sudhanshu and Vibha Studios Pvt. Ltd.